How to prepare Anatomy for PG Medical entrance exams

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How to prepare Anatomy for PG Medical entrance exams


How to prepare Anatomy for PG Medical entrance exams
Upper Limb

You should know everything about the region of the shoulder joint, especially the muscles(insertion, action, nerve supply). Apart from that, the important topics in upper limb are Brachial plexus and Axillary artery.
Dermatomes of upper and lower limb is also a very important topic to prepare.

Give special importance to Perineum while preparing abdomen. Most common questions asked under this topic are from Urethra, Ureter and Pudendal canal.

Blood supply of the heart and structures passing through diaphragm are of prime importance.
The most important artery from this section is Subclavian.


Candidates preparing Embryology should pay more attention to the derivatives of all individual ridges. Apart from that neural crest derivatives, branchial arches derivatives and most importantly embryology of orbit must be on tips. At least 2 questions are asked from embryology every year in almost every medical PG entrance exam.
Important topics that should be stressed upon are Types of joints, Sphenoid bone, Orbital bone, the Lateral wall of the nose and Middle ear anatomy.
Most important topics being types of epithelium and derivatives of different types of Epithelium (this topic is also covered in Embryology). Prepare it well as a question from this topic is asked very frequently.

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